COD MW3 Kar98k Weapon Boosting

COD MW3 Kar98k Weapon Boosting

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Here you can buy Kar98k unlock & leveling boost, a service that helps you level up your MW3 Marksman Rifle to the max fast & efficiently. 

Kar98k is a popular MR added in Call of Duty MW3 Season 4 that can be fully customized at the Gunsmith with attachments to get the Best Loadout.

Our Kar98k boosting service is the best way to reach the max level for your MW3 Marksman Rifle effortlessly. 

One of our professional CoD players will help you kill lots of enemies, gain XP to max out your MR, unlock all attachments, and build your loadout lightning-fast.


We will boost your Kar98k to the desired level.
We will unlock the Kar98k MR if you add the extra option.
Progress through Kar98k Camos.
XP for your battle pass.
Progress for your Military Rank & Prestige Level boost.
We will unlock Kar98k Attachments.
K/D ratio boost.

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