Fallout 76 Items


Overeater's Protocoled Ultracite Armor Set

$ 29.99

Vanguard's Excavator Power Armor Set (2024)

$ 39.90

Bolstering Excavator Power Armor Set (2024)

$ 59.90

Overeater's Civial Engineer Set

$ 99.99

Unyielding Calibrated Ultracite Armor Set

$ 29.99

Aristocrat's Protocoled Ultracite Armor Set (2024)

$ 29.99

Anti-armor .50 Cal Machine Gun (2024)

$ 19.90

Vanguard's Ultra-Light Marine Armor

$ 59.90 / $ 99.90

Anti-armor Light Machine Gun (2024)

$ 19.90

Anti-armor Minigun (2024)

$ 19.90

Bloodied .50 Cal Machine GUN (2024)

$ 19.90

Bloodied Gatling Plasma (2024)

$ 19.90

Bloodied High Powered Minigun (2024)

$ 19.90

Bloodied Suppressed Automatic Handmade (2024)

$ 29.90

Elder's Mark (2024)

$ 19.90

Holy Fire (2024)

$ 19.90

Quad Prime Light Machine Gun (2024)

$ 19.90

Quad Railway Rifle (2024)

$ 29.90

Two Shot .50Cal Machine Gun (2024)

$ 19.90

Two Shot Gatling Laser (2024)

$ 19.90
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How to Buy & Trade

  1. PC players please provide the correct Bethesda ID, XBOX players please provide the correct XBOX Tag, PS4 players please provide the correct PSN ID.
  2. We will add you as a friend in the game, please accept the friend request.
  3. After adding a friend, please stay there and do not move around, we will enter your world and get to your side as soon as possible.
  4. We will initiate a trade request with you. Accept the request, (If the item you purchase is bottle cap, you can choose an item, which value equals to the number of bottle caps and then we'll buy it. If you want to purchase the item, we'll price it with 0 bottle cap, and you can complete the trade by clicking on the purchase.)

What is FO76 Items?

In Fallout 76, an important thing for players to do is to collect materials and components. These parts are necessary for many applications, such as building your camp, repairing your armor, and repairing the environment structure.

What's the item?

In Fallout 76, if gamers want to play this smoothly, here are some items that they must-have. For instance, Cap, Ammo, Armor, and Weapon. Meanwhile, it would be very hard for players to collect all of these. To solve this situation, we create this website.

Where to get the items that I want?

You can get all kinds of different items, such as bottle caps, different kinds of ammo and different types of weapons and armors on our website with more reasonable price and better service.

How to get the items that I want?

You can select any item that you want or need, and then you can purchase them with a little expense, or you can also use your collectibles in the game to trade with us. Both ways are always accepted.

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