COD MW3 The Boys Event - Vought Week

COD MW3 The Boys Event - Vought Week

$ 19.99


Boosting Method

What You Will Get

What you will get
The Making Heroes Super Camo
(for the full Event completion);
Specific Challenges rewards;
Some Military Rank XP and Weapon XP.
It takes hours to grind for 573500 XP for the full completion. Let our Pro players do the grind and cut this time significantly.

Here's the full list of the Vought Week rewards:

• “American Hero” Weapon Sticker – 10,000 XP
• Double XP Token – 23,600 XP
• “Vought Crime Analytics” Large Decal – 42,100 XP
• Double Weapon XP Token – 67,250 XP
• “Compound V” Charm – 101,460 XP
• “Soldier Boy’s Shield”  Large Decal – 148,000 XP
• “Vought International” Emblem – 211,300 XP
• “Laser Baby” Calling Card – 297,350 XP
• Double Battle Pass XP Token – 414,350 XP
• “Making Heroes Super” Camo – 573,500 XP

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